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  • Jodi Forster-Molstad

Pelvic Plus Physio is having a Birthday!

It has been one year since the clinic officially opened, and the overwhelming emotion I feel is an incredible sense of gratitude. On September 15, 2019 I officially opened the doors to Pelvic Plus Physio after what was an idea that I had over the years turned into a goal. The goal was to create a space for patients where they felt welcome, safe and comfortable. I wanted people to know that when they came to Pelvic Plus Physio, they were deserving of and would receive my full and undivided attention. After having established pelvic health programs in many clinical settings over the years, I felt that having a clinic out of my home would be conducive to achieving these goals.

I look forward to going to work and seeing my patients every day. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to be your partner in health over the past year. We have tackled pregnancy-related issues in both the ante-natal and post-natal period, incontinence, back pain, tail bone pain, chronic pelvic conditions, common aches and pains spanning from the neck to the feet, headaches, and more. We have done so as a team, and I owe a lot to you, my patients, for following my advice and putting in the work to achieve your health goals.

I want to thank the doctors who have referred patients to my clinic; your trust in me is invaluable.

Thank you to my patients for your faith as you recommend my clinic to your friends and family.

Thank you to my husband (my carpenter, computer technician, and sounding board) for all that you have done.

And thank you to my kids for your support along the way (to Ella for cooking on my late nights at work, especially).

I am very optimistic about what the next year will bring!

I look forward to continuing to help you find freedom in motion!

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