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  • Bach.of Science, Rehab. Med., Physiotherapy, University of Alberta, 1999.  

  • Honours standing throughout

  • 5 time Academic All-Canadian for involvement in track and field through university

Post-graduate training inclusive of:

  • Manual Therapy 

  • Visceral manipulation:  VM1, VM2, VM3, VM4 Barral Insitute

  • Neural Manipulation:

    • NM1 Barral Institute 

  • Kinesiotape techniques

  • Graded Motor Imagery

  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Treatment: 

    • Herman and Wallace - Foundations & Level 1

    • Pelvic Health Solutions: up to Level 7 inclusive of:

  • Incontinence, prolapse, and pelvic pain management

  • Men's health  

  • Comprehensive management of bowel dysfunction

  • Neural Manipulation

    • Neuromodulation/neurodynamics​ Pelvic Health Solutions

  • Myofascial Release

  • The Assessment and Treatment of Mechanical Low Back Pain & Pelvic Girdle Pain - Telerehabilitation Friendly

  • Mindfulness & Meditation in a Healthcare Practice

  • Persistent Pain Management - APTEI

  • Various courses on integrating yoga & Qi Gong into clinical practice

  • Integrating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy into clinical practice - an introduction

  • McKenzie Part A: Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy - the Lumbar Spine


Experience:  I am a bilingual physiotherapist who is passionate about what I do, with over 20 years experience treating musculo-skeletal conditions with a focus on pelvic health conditions in clinical settings across Canada, the USA, and England.  Having recently returned from London, England, I have fulfilled my dream of opening my own home-based clinic in Hunt Club, Ottawa.  My goal is to provide a professional and comfortable environment in which patients are given the privacy and the undivided attention they deserve.  I hope to help you address your pelvic health issues, post-natal recovery, pain conditions, sports injuries, or anything that may be slowing you down!

I come from an athletic background, having competed at a national level in track and field from childhood through university, and I stay very active to this day.  I find it very useful to incorporate my athletic background in my practice when getting athletes back to their prime.

Patient-centered:  I love helping people get to the root of their problems in achieving their goals, helping them resolve their conditions to the fullest through best-evidence treatment plans tailored to the individual. 

Multi-faceted treatment approach:  My treatment approach includes manual therapy, myofascial release techniques, neural, visceral and connective tissue mobilizations, followed by an individualized therapeutic exercise program. I follow the biopsychosocial model of care where education, relaxation techniques, and lifestyle changes are components of the treatment plan when appropriate.  Collaboration with referring specialists and referrals to other medical and health practitioners as appropriate will be undertaken to ensure your best possible care.

Evidence-based practice:  Driven to keep learning, I am always attending courses and keeping current with best evidence treatments.  I thrive on sharing my knowledge with my patients in their journey toward better health, as well as learning from my patients.

Most patients who have initially been referred by doctors or specialists will then return for other problems, and will refer their friends and family as well.

Away from work:  I love to be outdoors running, hiking, and cycling. I also enjoy Yoga and Pilates.  When I can escape, I will go with my husband and two teenage children to our family cabin in Jasper, or to the ocean to enjoy outdoor sports.


Looking forward to helping you with your pelvic health issues, whether they be old or new!

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