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Hello dear Pelvic Plus Physio Clients,

Virtual care is here and will remain available for the foreseeable future. Virtual care via telehealth appointments is an option for those who are at risk of coming in to the clinic in person, and for those whose needs can be met virtually without the need for in-person care. I will happily meet with you virtually to address your needs and to continue making progress toward your goals in treatment.  


Virtual appointments allow us to connect via a secure teleconference platform from the comfort of your own home.

The Benefits of Virtual Care include:

  • Flexibility for those that are unable to make in-person appointments

  • Continuity of care by minimizing the impact on recovery from missed appointments

  • Learning the tools and exercises to help you manage your condition by being able to watch and practice them from your own home

  • Giving you access to an online resource of exercises, educational, and self-management tools that can be shared with you

Virtual appointments will allow us to complete:

  • A detailed history taking

  • Self-report questionnaires

  • Mechanical Screening

  • Movement Analysis

  • Education and management of a new injury or an existing condition

  • Home exercise provision and progression  


Keeping your health the top priority!


Very best,


Jodi Forster-Molstad, PT

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