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Bowel Dysfunction

Stomach and Bowel Symptoms - More Common Than Many Chronic Diseases:

Constipation affecting 63 million & IBS 58 million of Americans (Higgins 2004, Brandt 2005, Pleis 2005).


Study Finding:

Many patients are dissatisfied with medically based interventions due to lack of efficacy (Johanson 2007).


Physiotherapy is an alternative to medical intervention and medication in helping you with:

  • Constipation (infrequent passage of stool, hard stool, incomplete emptying)

  • Difficulty evacuating (painful bowel movements)

Daily bowel massage has been shown to decrease constipation, abdominal distension, and flatulence with spontaneous bowel movement in 1 hour following massage without use of enemas (Emly, 1993), and a return to normal bowel function in 4-6 weeks (Preece, 2002).

  • Fecal and/or Flatal Incontinence

42% of women who have untreated occult anal sphincter damage with first delivery develop fecal incontinence after the second delivery (Fynes 1999).

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Often symptoms overlap, you may not realise that your IBS may be related to other symptoms including incontinence and pelvic pain, and vice versa.  By treating the whole person, we can make sure we address the main issues causing your symptoms.

Akibarali 2007: visceral organ “cross talk”contributes to multi-organ symptoms. . .leads to relationships between irritable bowel syndrome and incontinence.

Through lifestyle changes, postural education, toilet position changes, abdominal massage, myofascial release, and pelvic floor exercises, you can learn to address these issues!

Pelvic Plus Physio, providing you with comprehensive Pelvic Health Physiotherapy in Ottawa!

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