Mr. Oliver Warren MD FRCS (Gen.Surg)

Consultant in Colorectal, Intestinal and Hernia Surgery

‘I was fortunate to work alongside Jodi in her London practice. She and I cared for a lot of patients together and throughout that time I found her absolutely superb. Her attention to detail, her decision making, her patient-centered focus and her sound knowledge base mean that patients are in very safe hands and usually make significant gains during their time working with her. I would not hesitate to recommend to my friends or family were they to need someone in this specialized area’


'Complete understanding of my problem and sensitive and empathetic approach to the treatment... 

Improvements occurred following each session of treatment...


Quality of life has improved'


'I felt finally that my symptoms were taken seriously, and not dismissed, which had happened previously...


Jodi is both very knowledgeable and extremely personable. After many attempts of trying to find help, I finally felt that I was in safe hands with someone who knew what they were doing and could find a solution - something I had been trying to find for years. Jodi also always made sure that I felt comfortable every step of the way, which was very important to her. 


It took a lot of discipline with my homework, but it was fantastic when I could finally see improvement, after years of having the same pain...

I cannot recommend Jodi as a physio enough. She has succeeded when I thought there was simply no solution to my pain. It is a tremendous feeling to find someone who can effect such positive changes in your body, especially when I had initially been told by a doctor that nothing could be done. Thank you for everything!'


'I had pain from endometriosis and surgery...

It's amazing to feel my body recovering - with the work Jodi gave me to do at home I can feel myself improving on an almost daily basis...

It took me years to get a correct diagnosis because different specialists wouldn't take into account symptoms outside their field - it's such a relief to be treated by someone who looks at the body as a whole...

The pain had felt as if it would never go away, so when it began to disappear I couldn't believe it - it was magic!  Thank you!'


Jodi was the first person to get to the root cause of my issues through careful, detailed assessment, it was so reassuring to know that she had seen cases like mine before, and that there were things we could do to improve my issues....


Jodi uncovered that there's a strong link between my digestive system and my pelvic health, and that's been transformational in how I've learned to avoid my triggers. Jodi also gave me lots of tools for self-management, so I'm less reliant on specialists. She is super skilled in lots of different disciplines and provides a truly holistic service.

Life looks normal. I have a full sexual relationship with my partner, I'm not in pain and I don't have anxiety anymore about the future. I know I'll be ok, and I have all the tools and resources to cope if I get symptoms again...

Jodi is amazing! She gave me my life back and helped me through a very difficult and confusing time.

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